Often, simplicity is better. So, on this Father’s Day, 2017, Douglas Wilson’s words will stand alone.

God has designed each family to be a culture–with a language, customs, traditions, and countless unspoken assumptions. The culture of the family intimately shapes the children who grow up in it. It is the duty of the father to ensure that the shaping takes place according to biblical wisdom.


Some fathers establish a rebellious culture for their children and bring upon their children the wrath of God, sometimes for generations. Other fathers fail to establish any distinct culture, and outside cultures rush in to fill the void. 

Through the Messiah, God promised blessings to His people, “their children, and their children’s children forever.”


The norm for faithful members of the covenant is that their children will follow them in their faithfulness.  The oddity should be children who fall away. Unless we reestablish faithful Christian culture in countless homes, we will never reestablish it anywhere else.

Douglas Wilson, Standing on the Promises